Celebrating Mother-Daughter Relationships

With Mother’s Day fast approaching this Sunday, May 13, I am reminded of the profound influence our mothers have had on each one of us, of the unique ways in which we are shaped and perceive the world thanks to mom. This sacred role is especially influential and precious to a young girl. Daughters imitate and identify with their mothers in significant and lasting ways.

Mothers are powerful role models for their daughters, and the mother–daughter relationship impacts all future relationships. A mother’s tone, behavior, and outlook program her daughter with attitudes that guide her for the rest of her life. But not all mothers are equipped to raise healthy daughters. Patricia Riggen’s upcoming indie drama Girls in Progress is a realistic depiction of struggles that many mothers and daughters suffer while trying to find their place in the world.

Girls Inc. Ladies with Patricia Riggen

Girls Inc. Ladies with Director Patricia Riggen in Front of Angelika Film Center in Dallas

Passionate about sharing this coming-of-age drama with young girls, the director invited our teens to an advanced screening of the film followed by a Q&A session with her at the Angelica on April 26! The girls really enjoyed the story of Ansiedad, a 13-year-old girl trying to deal with life with her neglectful mother, Grace. Grace, played by Eva Mendes, is a struggling single mother who is dealing with financial issues and bad relationships while trying to raise her daughter. The movie, which debuts on May 11, is a vivid portrayal of difficulties that many mothers and daughters face.

But as the movie suggests, as complex as mother–daughter relationships are, working problems out is not out of reach. I invite mothers and daughters to use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to start a journey toward a more fulfilling, positive relationship.

Many thanks to our program staff who teach and work with the girls we serve each week, and for their mentorship and sincere care to inspire our girls to be all that they can be!

Until next week, my best,


About Lori Palmer

Lori Palmer joined Girls Inc. in September 2007 as the Chief Executive Officer to ensure continuity in operations and valued programs. Lori served as the first executive director of the North Texas Food Bank and is a former member of the Dallas City Council. For thirteen years, she also worked as a consultant to nonprofit organizations in the area of organizational development and management. Lori holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington with an emphasis on community planning and nonprofit administration.
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